Center of Effort, LLC
270 Dogwood Road
Media, PA 19063
Phone: 610-566-8541


Center of Effort, LLC

Center of Effort LLC is a Woman Owned Small Business focused on providing business consulting services to public and private sector organizations in support of their business goals and objectives. Principal consultants have domestic and international experience in developing and managing consulting projects.

In these projects, we have provided:

  • P3 (Public Private Partnership) Consulting Services
  • Business Development and Planning Services
  • Workforce Development Services
  • Human Resource Services

We believe, based on the breadth and depth of our experience, that all business and government leaders should have a clear line of sight to where they should center their efforts in driving projects forward. We are committed to providing the highest quality of professional services that will help organizations reach their goals. We achieve this through delivering world-class project management, consulting, training and human resource services. We understand the power of partnerships.

On a sailboat, the center of effort is the location where all forces can be best applied to drive the boat forward. It is the point on the boat, where all efforts needs to be centered, in order to get to your destination. Companies and organizations need to determine their center of effort; Our consulting approach is to find your centers and can help you align your resources and efforts.

We believe that your employees are, like the sails on a boat, your key assets. Align them in the best configuration to fully utilize their abilities and you will find your way to your destination quickly and efficiently.