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P3 Consulting Services

Governments and public authorities are increasingly turning to Public Private Partnerships (P3’s) to deliver efficient and cost effective infrastructure and services. P3’s can help public sector entities shorten delivery times, share risks, achieve better value for their money and increase innovation in their infrastructure and provision of services. Such partnerships allow private sector organizations to apply their skills and experience to infrastructure development and operation and mobilize finances for long-term infrastructure investments.

Services for Public Agencies and P3 Consortiums

Public Agencies as customers

  • P3 Advisory Services
  • Potential P3 Project Evaluation
  • Review of documents related to bid and proposal development
  • Management of the bidding process
  • Communications with bidders and manage the clarifications and post bid submission process
  • Bid response and proposal evaluation
  • Marketing and outreach services
  • Community and public involvement programs
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Organization development and employee training programs
  • Conference / workshop development and management

P3 Consortiums as customers

Center of Effort provides customized services to fully support consortium efforts in the P3 project market.

Market and Business Development Services

  • Uncover potential project opportunities, maintain active database of developing projects and their project stage/status with key dates
  • Analyze and then advise the management team on which P3 opportunity matches your company’s strategic plan and goals
  • Source the equity and non-equity partners that fit your corporate culture
  • Support and manage decision making process by developing the business case for the project
  • Follow internal and external developments related to the project

Bid Proposal Project Management Services

  • Manage the bidding process
  • Analyze the bid documents
  • Manage the partners and advisers on bid preparation
  • Project manage the bid preparation and submission of the Statement of Qualification (SOQ) and the Proposal / Best and Final Offer (BAFO) accurately and on time
  • Follow up the bidding process with the issuing authorities
  • Manage the financial modeling and scenario analysis

Outreach and Public Relations

  • Research and define stakeholder’s concerns and issues
  • Prepare a stakeholder outreach plan
  • Manage stakeholder relationships and communications
  • Develop and manage the Public Relations campaign
  • Build and manage the relationships with partners and advisers
  • Manage the ongoing communications with the sponsor and/or the public agency /authority that owns and manages the asset

If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Matilda Pahides at 610-952-9885 or e-mail (please direct to e-mail address matipahides@centerofeffort.com).